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Seasons Greetings from Mama Benta

Here is a little holiday note from our African Mother “Mama Benta” who is the founder of the Little Stars foundation and one of our Executive Producers. She will oversee the charitable aspect of the “Fund a Film – Aid an Island” idea. We love her!

"Here in Kenya we are fearing on well, the little stars are enjoying their holidays and most of them whom I don’t stay with and leaves around do visit me frequently. I hope you are fine and still thinking on how to blend the movie you were planning to cover, we are really looking forward on how we can be involved into supporting this. We have several ideas which can make this become a success once you have come onto a conclusion.

On the scholarship programme is that we were thinking on how to start the arrangements as early as possible, because there is an enrolment procedure for the candidates which is normally done in the whole country from there the candidates will choose the schools where they wish to go. This will be determined by the grades attained because the secondary schools are divided into three categories that is National schools, provincial schools and district schools, the school fee varies as per where the pupil will be admitted. I hope you can think about this so that we can have a proper structure for earlier preparation before the end of 2012. But all in all the process begins from January 2012. We are still hoping to meet you in January, but still you can comment on this. I’m very grateful for your continuous support and I’m really praying to God to give you life and openings I wish you a Merry X- Mass and Prosperous happy New Year.

May God bless you daughters.

Pass my greetings to all friends of little stars.


Here are some pictures of Mama Benta and her Little Stars!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for 2012!

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