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As a Ninja motorbike rider, SCUBA diver, and Karate black belt, Rowan Nicole Nielsen is accustomed to utilizing her broad range of skills to make great things out of any budget. Rowan has worked in the television, film and commercial industries for over 15 years. She is a seasoned writer, producer, director and is an award-winning storyteller in the lifestyle, documentary and dramatic genres. She is a founder of Plus 8 Pictures and a member of WIFT.


Rowan’s most recent writing and directing projects can be viewed on LOGO TV (Bump! III and IV and Jack TV), and online (In The Grid).  With over 80 television half hours under her belt – the vast majority in travel series – Rowan is looking forward to translating her experiences as a ‘stranger in a strange land’ onto the big screen with her first feature film, Nightrunners.


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