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JOHN OUMA OLOUCH (Gaffer/Water Transportaion Coordinator)

John has been a local fisherman for over 20 years, not only on Rusinga Island but in various regions of East Africa.  He is a qualified coxswain and a member of his local fishing village council.​


John provided his  expertise to the Nightrunners production as the water transport captain, as the liaison for the local fishing village and acquired new skills as a Gaffer.  With his height (6’4″) and gentle way with people, he also acquired a couple knicknames: “Big John” and “John the Gentle Giant” – or just “Giant” for short.​


John informed us that his earnings from his work on Nightrunners will feed his family of 6 children (including 3 adopted orphans) for about a year – and that was his priority.​


The world needs more Giants like John.​


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