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For 16 years Carole Aeschelmann has worked in digital, broadcast and print media on both the creative production and client sides. She has managed, produced and launched several successful print, digital and broadcast marketing campaigns for a broad range of industries. She is a transmedia strategist and to date, Carole has managed the production of over 150 television episodes in the lifestyle, documentary, reality and dramatic genres, several of them award winning.


In 2006 Carole produced the feature length project Ulysses which toured several European festivals.  Since then, she has Line Produced several other series for Canadian and US networks including Fresh, Food Jammers, Ed’s Up, BUMP!, and Superbodies.


Currently, at Plus 8 Pictures, Carole continues her work in content creation as Executive Producer where she is busy developing feature length and short format projects for theatrical and broadcast release.  She is an active member of WIFT and the ACCT.


Carole holds a Masters of Science from the London School of Economics, has lived and worked in several countries, and makes Toronto her home with her partner Ian and daughter Andrée.


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