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BENTA ODHIAMBO (Executive Producer)

Benta Odhiambo (Mama Benta) is the founder and Executive Director of the Kanyala Little Stars organization in Kenya. Kanyala Little Stars Organization promotes and provides humanitarian support, technical assistance and emergency relief to disadvantaged people (orphans, widows and those living with HIV/AIDS) through its pre-primary and primary school and horticulture model farm. The goal of Kanyala Little Stars school and farm is to promote holistic community development through education and sustainable agriculture.​


Benta Odhiambo was born in 1950s and has a wealth of experience in community development and education which she attained over her 40 year teaching career in both private and public Kenyan schools. She has also dedicated much of her life to fighting for children and women’s rights, especially the orphans and vulnerable children and people living with HIV/AIDS. Through her great love for women and children, Mama Benta was driven to start a group to empower themselves economically, socially and even spiritually as she herself is a widow as well.​


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